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House of Anesi has created a bra, using performance technology and smart materials that gives women the perfect fit and adapts to fluctuations in breast size.


Our bra comprises of a supportive cup & underwire design that can adapt to changes in breast shape and size. We also incorporated gel lined straps to decrease pain point, in addition we redesigned the sizing system to make it easier for you to find your correct size. 


The Anesi Bra 


Sizing Guide

At House of Anesi we have created our own innovative sizing system were we eliminate numbers and letters. After developing a unique algorithm we can find your perfect bra within our 6 categories. Those categories are:

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The ONLY information we need from our customers are 3 measurements:


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Don't just take our word for it. Hear it from the ladies themselves.


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Ryerson Fashion Zone Startup House of Anesi Designs Smart Bra

Written by Andrew Seale


With House of Anesi, Leen Al-Taher, Jacob John and Stephania Stefanakou have set out to prove that something as simple as a bra can be completely re-engineered. Using performance technology and smart materials, the trio has designed a bra that adapts to women's breasts as they change in shape and size.
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House of anesi reinvents the Bra

written by Will Sloan


As anyone who has ever been pregnant can attest, bodies can change, but clothing remains stubbornly the same. What if a bra could adapt to the fluctuations of the human body? external,House of Anesi is a external,Fashion Zone-based startup that uses performance technology and smart materials....


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House of Anesi

Fashion Zone at Ryerson University, 10 Dundas Street E.
Toronto, ON, M5B 2G9, Canada

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